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Welcome to David Hoffmeister A Course in Miracles links, non-duality resources, and ACIM healing tools in English. Simply click and find online programsmetaphysical teachings, audios, movie reviews, writings, and teachings. For information about retreats and other events, please visit acim-conference.net and nondualityonline.com.

ACIM Audios for Awakening

ACIM.me—Audios for Awakening

Profound audio teachings of David Hoffmeister, expert teacher of A Course in Miracles (ACIM), on many topics including health, money, spirituality, and consciousness. David shares about the practical application of ACIM, and how this is used to bring about a consistently peaceful and joyful state of mind.

Transformational ACIM Online Video

ACIM Online Video

ACIM transformational videos with David Hoffmeister A Course in Miracles. Join David for inspiring videos that open the mind and heart. This is a practical site to support the miracle of forgiveness and ACIM healing with deep spiritual teachings on many themes. David extends these deep teachings from the Awakened Mind.

Awareness Center at La Casa de Milagros

Awareness Center Mexico

ACIM.mobi is the website for the Awareness Center in Mexico (ACIM). Personal retreat packages are available through the Awareness Clinica at La Casa de Milagros to rest the mind and rejuvenate the soul with beautiful Lake Chapala the backdrop.

Living Miracles Center

Living Miracles Center

For additional resources to support the awakening process visit the Living Miracles Center Community and David Hoffmeister ACIM. Living Miracles Center offers devotional stays, gatherings, ACIM online programs, spiritual counseling, and community support to help you on the journey of Awakening.

A Course in Miracles Portal

ACIM.biz—Portal for Awakening

The ACIM.biz portal site is rich with A Course in Miracles online teachings, helpful links to video teachings, audio teachings, YouTubes, writings, social media, music, websites, mind training programs, subscriptions, and much more. These profound resources will support your mind in the practical application of the ACIM.

Mystical Mind Training Program

Mystical Mind Training Program

Mystical Mind Training (MMT) is part of the Awakening Mind path. It is an online course which can be completed in two years and uses Spiritual Awakening resources like A Course in Miracles and ACIM teachings by David Hoffmeister to come into an experience of Oneness and Peace of Mind.

David Hoffmeister

David Hoffmeister

Home of David Hoffmeister—David teaches from the Awakened Mind, and is a living demonstration of the deep mystical teachings of Jesus. This site freely offers some of David Hoffmeister A Course in Miracles most profound teachings through videos, audios and written materials. 

Teacher of Teachers

Teacher of Teachers

Teacher of Teachers is a website intended as a study aid for anyone who wishes to dive deeply into Awakening and practically apply the teachings of A Course in Miracles. It contains over forty-five hours of David Hoffmeister’s audio MP3s and nearly 250 pages of written material.

David Hoffmeister Youtube

David Hoffmeister YouTube

David Hoffmeister’s YouTube channel is one of the best online sources for A Course in Miracles videos on the planet!  Many ACIM teachers and students alike have found this channel to be the most effective way to truly come into the experience Jesus promises in the Course.

A Course in Miracles Audios

A Course in Miracles Audios

Our comprehensive audio website, a-course-in-miracles.org, gives you instant and free access to a huge MP3 collection of David Hoffmeister’s gatherings, inspired by A Course in Miracles. Enjoy hundreds of hours of deeply profound teachings and practical examples that will take you from the mere study of ACIM into the actual experience of its teachings.

Visit https://acim.org for information about the Foundation for Inner Peace, the organization that brought A Course in Miracles into publication and lovingly cared for and stewarded its distribution and subsequent translation into 25+ languages.

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